Nurse helps Nepal earthquake victims

Admin (04 June, 2015)

Facial surgery specialist goes out to help 20,000 injured

2903Kalpana Shahi flew to the capital city of Kathmandu on May 9

A nurse from Guy’s Hospital visited Nepal last month to help victims of April’s devastating earthquake.

Kalpana Shahi flew to the capital city of Kathmandu on May 9, around a week after the powerful quake had struck, killing 8,675 people and injuring over 20,000.

Specially trained in facial surgery nursing, Nurse Shahi helped a team of British medical professionals complete seven major surgeries during a week-long visit.

They were present for a major aftershock on May 12, which came just hours before they were about to begin a major operation.

Sunil Sah, who led the group, said: “As soon as I heard about the devastation caused by the earthquake, I just wanted to do everything I could to help. I hope that being able to contribute, even in this small way, will take the some of the pressure off the local medics who are working around the clock to help those affected.”


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