Drive flu! Old Kent Road Asda offers free drive-through flu jabs to vulnerable groups

Josh Salisbury (09 October, 2020)

Drivers sit in their cars while getting a flu jab

16404The Old Kent Road Asda store

An ASDA store on the Old Kent Road is offering drive-through flu jabs to vulnerable people for free.

The service is being offered free-of-charge to anyone who is eligible for the jab on the NHS.

These include elderly people, pregnant women and those with long-term underlying health conditions.

The Old Kent Road pharmacy said it had launched the service to minimise contact with other people for those who may be in higher risk coronavirus groups.

“The sad truth is that there is an increased mortality risk if you catch COVID-19 when you already have the flu,” said Maq Din, lead pharmacist.

“As a result some of our most vulnerable members of society are at twice the risk compared to others, which is why we are encouraging everyone to get a flu jab this year, it is more vital now than ever.”

The supermarket giant said those wanting the service can ring up the pharmacy in participating branches to book a jab.

Patients will need to drive up, and remain in the car while a pharmacist injects them in their arm through the window.

Those giving the injections will be wearing PPE and drivers will be asked to wait ten minutes after the injection before driving off to check they are not feeling any side effects.

Thirteen of the supermarket’s in-store pharmacies are offering the service, but the Old Kent Road branch is the only one in London.


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