Guy’s and St Thomas’ sets up online support group for prostate cancer patients and their families

Katherine Johnston (15 October, 2020)

'It’s sharing the experience and not being on your own with it, that’s the key'

39613Ted and Susie Thorne

Guy’s and St Thomas’ have launched a new online support group for patients with prostate cancer.

Unable to hold its regular group meetings due to COVID-19, the trust is now holding online sessions with support from the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.

Seventy-five-year-old Ted Thorne, from Bromley, had his prostate removed at Guy’s Cancer Centre in February 2018. A grandfather of two, he says the support group continues to help his whole family, including his wife, Susie.

“They have speakers come to cover a range of topics such as the diagnosis and what that means, what to expect from surgical procedures, the psychological effect that these things have on a family, the physical repercussions and exercises,” he explained.

 “We’ve found it very encouraging, meeting all the other people and learning from them. 

“There are many different ways of treating prostate cancer and you hear all the different stories, and no two stories are the same. 

“It’s sharing the experience and not being on your own with it, that’s the key.”

He added:  “The virtual groups have been brilliant. There are cancer patients from all over and outside London, even from as far down as Folkestone and Southend.

“It’s like a family, it really is. The spouses are all involved because it impacts them as well, it impacts the whole family.

“That’s another reason the online meetings are so great, because the whole family can join in. 

“If there was somebody who was worried about their husband dying from prostate cancer and they come into a meeting and see all the survivors on the screen, having a good time and a bit of fun and banter, it can put their minds at rest.”


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