“Outstanding” Ofsted report for Cherry Garden School

News Desk (09 July, 2015)

This is the third time in a row that Cherry Garden School, in Macks Road, has received the rating.

3801Pupils and teachers at Cherry Garden School

A Bermondsey school for students with “severe and complex” learning disabilities has received a rating of “outstanding” from Ofsted inspectors.

This is the third time in a row that Cherry Garden School, in Macks Road, has received the rating, with the quality of the teaching and the behaviour of the pupils particularly commended.

The report said: “Adults make excellent use of communication aids to remove barriers to pupils’ understanding. The pupils enjoy their learning because it is so well adapted to their individual needs and interests.

“Pupils are relaxed and happy learners. Their behaviour is excellent. The pupils also make outstanding progress, throughout the school, including early years, in their communication, in development of early literacy and numeracy skills and in their personal development.”

Head teacher Teresa Neary told the News that she was delighted with the “great achievement.” She said: “I am immensely proud of everyone in the whole school community. Our philosophy of always trying to improve what we do to better meet the needs of the children shines through in this report. I am especially pleased that OFSTED recognise that the children are ‘happy and relaxed learners’. I would like to thank the staff and governors for the commitment and dedication to ensuring the continued success of the school.” She added that the school was planning for a new building, which would hopefully be ready in September 2017.



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