Panto Studies For Children Go Online

Staff Reporter (13 January, 2021)

Providing youngsters with fun and interactive sessions to keep the magic of theatre alive


With the UK back in lockdown and many families looking for engaging, fun or educational ‘at home’ activities for their children with schools closed, the British Pantomime Academy have furthered their option to offer youngsters from 8 – 18 years old a unique opportunity to engage with the arts, drama, language and script writing in their one hour courses available online.

The British Pantomime Academy’s ‘Kids Masterclass Workshop’ is designed to introduce youngsters aged 8-14 or 14-18 to all elements of the theatrical world.

The interactive online workshop features numerous classes and techniques, where youngsters will learn about the traditions and craftmanship of theatre.

There are also options available for one off celebrity driven masterclasses to master skills such ventriloquism with Britain’s Got talent Finalist Steve Hewlett.

The British Pantomime Academy was founded in 2019 bringing workshops and courses to students of all ages. In 2020 these classes were taken online as the UK’s first Online Pantomime Workshops, with a focus this year on providing youngsters with fun and interactive sessions to keep the magic of theatre alive when the opportunity to go along in person or attend much-needed classes may not be available.

Kev Orkian Founder of the British Pantomime Academy says “We launched our online courses in 2020 in a year where everyone, not least our children had their lives and routines disrupted and a lot of simple pleasures taken away from them. Many after school clubs, extracurricular activities, performing arts classes and academies have had to close and as we now know this may continue into 2021 for some time.

“Many young people enjoyed and benefited from our classes last year and with this new extended lockdown we want to continue to support families and children to learn about and have fun in all elements of the performing arts which we know is so important to their growth and well-being.”

“We are keenly aware that families are looking for fun, rewarding and engaging experiences for their children and we hope the BPA can offer help and support to entertain and engage youngsters through learning as we move further into the New Year”

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