Peckham Architecture Award winner announced…

Katherine Johnston (23 September, 2019)

' A kaleidoscope of activity and colour'

32240Bellenden School. Image: Anthony Coleman

The winner of the annual Peckham Architecture Award, revived after a 40-year gap, has been announced.

The judging panel – including architectural writer Rory Olcayto, and members of the Peckham Society’s committee – selected Bellenden Primary School as winner.

Designed by Cottrell and Vermuelen Architects, judge Bill Morris described the building as a “kaleidoscope of activity and colour”.

He said: “The rooftop playground is particularly wonderful. It’s strong and bright and Peckham and enlivens a forgotten corner of SE15.”

Olcayto, a director of Open City, the charity behind Open House, said: “Bellenden School embodies the best qualities of Peckham’s vibrant townscape with a fresh take on the south London neighbourhood’s eccentric, cheek-by-jowl urbanism.

“Open to its surroundings, the school’s playgrounds flow around – and under – the classroom blocks (one of which appear to float above the tarmac) while bright yellow gables, portholes, and super-graphics contrast pleasantly with tough-looking castle-like walls too.

“It’s fun, friendly and functional. And loved by children and parents alike.”

The school will be presented with a ceramic plaque to celebrate its win.

Four other buildings were nominated: The Green in Nunhead, 95 Peckham Road, The Fire Station and The Slot House.

Winning architect Richard Cottrell, with judge Rory Olcayto


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