Peckham Morrison’s launches UK’s hottest supermarket curry after shoppers complain ‘volcanic vindaloo’ wasn’t spicy

Josh Salisbury (10 October, 2018)

The blistering phaal contains Scorpion chillies - ranked among the hottest on the Scoville heat scale

25098James Gore, manager of the Peckham Morrison's, said the challenge was to create a curry that had as much flavour as it has heat

A Peckham Morrison’s has introduced the UK’s hottest supermarket curry – after heat-seeking customers complained their ‘volcanic vindaloo’ wasn’t spicy enough.

The store launched an eight-chilli rated Flaming Firey Phaal following feedback from curry connoisseurs in Peckham that its vindaloo was “not hot enough.”

Anyone braving the firey food will have to be curryageous – as it contains scorpion chillies, the highest ranked on the Scoville heat scale.

James Gore, of Morrisons Peckham, said: “We love to hear back from customers and were happy to take on the challenge.

“The difficulty when making a phaal is to make sure it’s got as much flavour as it has heat. But we think we’ve pulled it off!”

The blistering phaal was created by Morrison’s chefs after searching the nation for the hottest curry they could find.

Their search led them to Birmingham’s Bangladeshi restaurants, the home of the phaal, often considered the fieriest and most challenging curry in the world.

It also contains Naga and green chillies, chargrilled chicken breast, a thick tomato and onion base, and spices – including paprika, garlic, ginger, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel, fenugreek and cardamom.

It’s available on shelf in Morrisons Peckham on Aylesham Centre for ‘Curry Week’ which started on the 8th October, and will cost £2.

The store also launched Roulette Bhajis – a box of 12 onion bhajis with three of those being extra spicy for those who want to take a heat-filled gamble.

The spicy bhajis are available from the deli counter and will cost £1.90 for a box of 12.


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