Peckham Palms hosts World Afro Day celebrations

Katherine Johnston (23 September, 2019)

Global event aims to celebrate Afro hair and culture

32236Farouk James Credit:

Peckham Palms hosted this month’s World Afro Day, in a day packed with celebrations and special events across the globe.

World Afro Day aims to celebrate Afro hair, culture and identity and encourage young people to love their natural curls.

In 2018, founder Michelle De Leon spoke about her campaign at the United Nations, raising awareness and educating people about Afro hair under the banner of “Change the Facts Not the Fro” – supported by Naomi Campbell.

On September 15,  America’s youngest supermodel Celai West, and social media influencer Farouk James, made guest appearances at Peckham Palms where they met other youngsters and encouraged them to embrace their hair and wear it with confidence.

Michelle said:  “It was a wonderful community day at Peckham Palms for everyone to celebrate their Afro hair and identity but the highlight was the Curls, Catwalk & Confidence workshop, where awkward kids turned into confident runway models under the expert tutelage of child models Celai West and Farouk James.”


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