Peckham portraits will be given new home outside PeckhamPlex, council confirms

News Desk (23 August, 2017)

Portraits of famous British black actors will be given a new home outside PeckhamPlex "in the new year"

15651Peckham Hill Street portraits, photo by Ibrahim Kamara

The adored Peckham Portraits which were removed from Peckham Hill Street will be given a new home outside PeckhamPlex.

Locals reacted angrily when the portraits of black British actors, including Idris Elba OBE; Don Warrington and Rudolph Walker OBE, were taken down without warning on March 12.

The council has followed up on its commitment to spend £15,000 to clean and reframe the portraits and find them a new home.

They will be relocated to an “alcove” by the cinema “in the new year”.

The portraits were moved from the fence that surrounded a large open space behind Peckham Library when construction began on the forthcoming Mountview Academy acting school.

Councillor Johnson Situ, cabinet member for business and culture, said: “These treasured and inspirational portraits are important to us and the people of Peckham. I am very pleased that we will be able to bring a number of them home this September.”

Abubakar Kamara, manager of B@kus Business Service shop opposite where the portraits stood, previously told the News: “The pictures used to make the youth stop and wonder who those people in the pictures were. They are people who have given a lot, and got on with their lives in black society.”

His son, Ibrahim Kamara (pictured) called them “iconic” and said he had grown up looking at them.


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