Peckham Rye Park’s new playground will open in the spring

News Desk (21 September, 2017)

Construction was delayed after asbestos contamination was found

19127An artist's impression of Peckham Rye Park's new play area

Peckham Rye Park’s new play ground is due for completion in spring 2018, writes Kate Graham-Shaw.

The new area will incorporate a water-play zone, as well as a sand pit complete with little diggers. The project, set to finish in spring 2018, will have a climbing frame and swings, and will also be filled with hand pumps, streams and dams for the children to play with.

Based on the Tumbling Bay Playground in the Olympic Park, the playground is the first of its kind in Southwark. The construction has been slightly delayed after the discovery of low grade asbestos contamination. But the site has since been deemed safe, and work will continue once the contaminated ground is cleared.

Cabinet member for communities, councillor Barrie Hargrove, said: “The revitalisation of Peckham Rye Park is coming along nicely and although the delay with the new children’s playground is frustrating, I am excited about the plans for the amazing new playground, which promises to be a lot of fun for local children.”


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