Peckham Vision founder named ‘Woman of Influence’

Katherine Johnston (10 April, 2020)

Eileen Conn has been instrumental in saving some of Peckham's best known heritage buildings

36078Eileen Conn (c) Corinne Turner

Eileen Conn, founder of Peckham Vision, has been named one of The Planner magazine’s Women of Influence for 2020 in recognition of her huge role in protecting Peckham’s heritage and encouraging community participation in the planning process.

Ms Conn, an ex-civil servant, started campaigning in Southwark in the 70s with the Peckham Action Group, which she set up to save Peckham’s high street from demolition and redevelopment.

Peckham Vision was formed to save Copeland Park and the Bussey Building from demolition and has since been actively involved in protecting the multi-storey car park and other heritage assets.

She has also worked tirelessly to get more residents involved with planning processes so they can navigate a complex system and have their say during a period of rapid regeneration across Southwark.

She told the News: “I am pleased that it is the community engagement angle that is recognised as that is what I do it for.  I take it as an important acknowledgement of community activism by the planning profession.

“It supports my campaign to have community activism seen as an essential and positive contribution to good planning and not to be disparaged by ‘usual suspect’ comments.”


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