Peckhamplex cinema forced to close again because not enough people are going to see movies

Josh Salisbury (23 September, 2020)

The cinema said it hoped to be back in November, but the date will be kept under review

16687Peckhamplex cinema, near Peckham Rye station

An independent Peckham cinema is being forced to close temporarily just a month after reopening, because not enough people are going to the movies.

Peckhamplex has a firm following all across south London for its famously cheap cinema tickets of £4.99 at any time of the day.

The cinema, in Peckham Rye, had reopened its doors last month to much fanfare, having been shut for months because of lockdown.

But today it has announced it will be shutting down again and plans to reopen when a new Bond film is released in November.

“As you know we re-opened with great excitement in August,” said the cinema in an email to regulars today.

“Initially a lot of you came to see the opening film Tenet, but since then visits have fallen off dramatically.”

The business said that while some customers were staying away over coronavirus, most were put off because no new blockbusters are being released.

“Unfortunately the film distributors that we rent our films from are constantly re-scheduling the big titles to further and further away,” Peckhamplex added.

“As an independently run cinema remaining open is simply not viable with such low levels of audience admissions and we are determined to eke out our resources, looking after our 40 employees, so that we can bounce back and welcome you for the long term.”

Under current plans, the cinema will close this Friday, September 25, and hopes to reopen in November. However the date is under review.

“So, it’s with great sadness that we’re closing the Plex for now. You have sent us so many encouraging notes and emails. Thank you. We’ll miss you,” said a business spokesperson.

“But, like Arnie, we’ll be back.”


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