Peckham’s en vogue (or at least, in Vogue magazine)

Admin (16 July, 2015)

SE15 is now London’s 'cultural epicentre', style bible says


Peckham is like so in Vogue right now…. no, really it is. There’s a whole sixteen-page spread dedicated to SE15 in this month’s edition of the iconic style bible.

In a feature called ‘Urban renaissance’, the globally recognised lifestyle magazine declares that Peckham is now London’s “cultural epicentre”. The cardigan-heavy love letter to the artistic hub which has grown up around Rye Lane features the Hannah Barry Gallery in Holly Grove, the Sunday Painter gallery in Blenheim Grove and members of the Lyndhurst Way ‘art squat’.

After a few pages of models looking sultry in knitwear in various locations, Vogue introduces the reader to the car park rooftop, which is home to Frank’s Cafe in the summertime. This is the epicentre of the epicentre with London’s hipsterarti making their way from north of the river to sip a Campari and take in the view in these unlikely surroundings.

On the ground floor of the carpark, the glamour magazine notes the change of tone brought about by Peckham’s many tumble-weaves rolling down the road and “the smell of overripe fruit and vegetables of indeterminate origin.”

Revellers at Frank's Cafe

Revellers at Frank’s Cafe


front cover

The South London Gallery and Bold Tendancies – the arts organisation based at the carpark – both get a mention as our fair Peckham is compared with Venice and Miami. With artists already bored of the stable gallery circuit in Hackney and Dalston, Peckham is pegged as the new exciting frontier of creativity in the capital. But as with the migration from east London, this love affair with Peckham may be short lived, as the magazine predicts the next areas to be in Vogue will be Brockley and Catford.


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