‘People want to enjoy themselves after a year of struggles’: Tanner & Co reopens

Staff Reporter (29 March, 2021)

The Bermondsey Street restaurant and bar has outdoor room for about 72 people


Tanner & Co has urged Bermondsey residents to visit after it reopens in April “to enjoy themselves after a year of struggles and worries”, writes Kit Heren…

Fabrizio Paltani, the general manager of Tanner & Co, which manages several London pubs and restaurants including Tanner & Co, added that staff are “all optimistic that we’re going in the right direction”.

Tanner & Co, a restaurant and bar on Bermondsey Street, will reopen its outdoor area on April 12 in line with government rules for hospitality venues coming out of lockdown – with room for 72 people.

“It’s a good sized area,” Paltani added. “The demand is definitely there. Some shifts are already booked in completely at the weekend.

“I’m sure we’ll book up the ones earlier in the week as well, as people realise it’s difficult to get something on the weekend already. Eventually the whole week will be pretty full.”

Paltani went on: “We have a new menu so we see this as a chance for us to have a fresh start as well.

“We’re really working hard to get everything ready to reopen, help everyone relax and have a good chat with friends.” 

Book a table here: https://tannerandco.co.uk/ 


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