Perms & Pizza – has Peckham gone crazy?

News Desk (20 January, 2022)

An up-market hairdressers in Peckham is offering customers pizza during their haircut

51630This pizza is part of Yard Sale's Veganuary range

The Blue Tit hair salon on Peckham Rye is letting people order pizza’s while they cut their hair,  writes Joshua Askew…

Their “Pamper & Pizza” package is currently on offer at their Peckham and Brockley salons. But will only be available until the end of January, according to it’s Facebook post.

Blue Tit are well-known for their boutique salons across the capital, hipster stylists and use of cruelty-free products.

Clients are served only “special vegan” pizzas by chain Yard Sale, who have teamed up with Blue Tit to deliver the service.

On the menu is “You had me at Halo”, topped with Beyond Meat burger patties, vegan mozzarella, vegan American cheese, gherkins, jalapenos, onions & Halo Burger’s signature sauce, or the more stripped back “Herb Your Enthusiasm”, with artichokes, olives, red onion and salsa.

“Bringing a Veganuary offering to our Brockley and Peckham salons seemed like the perfect fit as plant-based diets have been said to reduce environmental impact,” said Blue Tit director Matt Gebbie.

A cut and finish at the salon starts from £60, while a head shave can set you back between £25 and £34 – depending on the stylist.

They describe themselves as a collective of individual life-style salons with a passion for conscious consumption. Their regulars include a “host of top journalists, musicians, and creative types”, according to their website.

Yard’s Sales pizza costs £12.50 when delivered to the salon, although a 10% discount is applied with the pamper package.

“At Blue Tit, we love connecting with other businesses in the area and bringing our customers experiences beyond a haircut at our salons,” said Matt.

“They are always delighted to find little surprises when they come by.”

He did not say that Blue Tit had any plans to continue the scheme next month.

“We are only having the promotion at the Peckham and Brockley salons for Veganuary,” said Matt. “However, customers can look forward to other partnerships in the pipeline that will be rolled out across the salons this year.”

To be continued…


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