Pick up a bucket to help keep Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground alive

News Desk (23 November, 2016)

A few thousand pounds in final two weeks to seal the deal

13374Kids fundraise for Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground

Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground (DKHAP) are nail-bitingly close to their £15,000 Crowdfunding target, leaving Manager Patrick Pierre Powell “checking the total from the moment I wake up”.

The youth organisation is fundraising for a new building as their current one is falling into disrepair. The £15,000 target will cover the first phase, which is submitting a planning application to Southwark Council.

At the £10,000 mark, DKHAP has just 18 days left to meet their target – or else the Crowdfunding platform will take down their campaign and they will lose all of the money pledged in the past month. I remember when we were struggling to break the £100 mark. Now we’re on £10,000. I just can’t believe it,” said Patrick.

“I check the account from the moment I wake up and then all day long,” he said.

Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground

DKHAP has been doing good old-fashioned community fundraising, too. Their programme of fundraising events will culminate this weekend, with a gig at the Cherry Tree Pub on Friday 25 at 7.45pm and a Christmas Fare at the Adventure Playground on Saturday 26 from 12-6.

“The kids have had lots of involvement in the fundraising,” said Patrick, “They’ve been busy making things, helping out, collecting money.”

“They are so excited. They think that the new building’s definitely going to happen. It’s good to keep their optimism going. We’ve done well but we’re not there yet. Anyone thinking of sponsoring us just remember that any, little amount will help us.”


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