Piers Corbyn: Former Southwark councillor fined for anti-lockdown protest outside St Thomas’ Hospital

Josh Salisbury (11 May, 2020)

Mr Corbyn has denied that there is a pandemic and says the lockdown is costing lives

36730Piers Corbyn pictured at a protest (Image: YouTube)

A former Southwark councillor has been slapped with a coronavirus fine for an anti-lockdown protest outside St Thomas’ Hospital at the weekend.

Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader, Jeremy, took part in the protest on Saturday.

It comes just weeks after the News revealed he had led a similar demonstration in Glastonbury.

Mr Corbyn – who does not believe in a Covid pandemic – was fined for breaching the regulations.

He was captured on video appearing to say: “It’s an abomination and an attack on human rights.’

“This thing is aimed at preventing freedom of association.

“We want an end to the lockdown immediately, to save those being left behind from the lockdown.

“More people are dying now … because of the lockdown.”

Mr Corbyn could be seen at the protest carrying a sign saying: “No world order, No 5G, No Vax.” Other protesters held up signs saying: “5G kills your health and freedom.”

Although popular on certain sections of social media, experts say there is no credible scientific evidence that 5G is harmful to health.

Last month, Mr Corbyn led a protest in Glastonbury against the lockdown, to which he said around 100 people attended in the space of two hours.

Police said they dispersed the ‘peaceful’ gathering, a claim which the former councillor and weather predictor denied.

The conspiracy theorist is also known for his climate predicting business WeatherAction, a business he runs from Borough High Street.

The former Parliamentary candidate also denies the impact of emissions on climate change. He did not respond to a call for comment.

John G says:

Just like his brother, Jeremy, Piers Corbyn is a total idiot!!

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