“Pitch in!” urge Rotherhithe pupils launching playing field campaign

News Desk (24 March, 2016)

Peter Hills School's current pitch is battered and will soon need to be closed.


Pupils and parents at Peter Hills primary school have launched a fundraising campaign to replace their current deteriorating playing field with a new £25,000 surface.

The Rotherhithe school’s current astro turf pitch has become battered by years of use. The “all-weather” pitch is bumpy, tatty and, despite its name, cannot be used when it is raining.

Harry Gordon, of the Friends of Peter Hills group, told the News: “If we don’t get the funding ASAP, it will have to close down. It will cost us £20,000 to £25,000 to get a new one, depending on how bad it is under the surface. That is a substantial amount of money, this is a big thing for us.”

The school have already received a donation of £2,000 from Metro Village, a Canada Water estate agent, who have promised to help raise another £8,000 through a series of fundraising events – including a pop-up circus to be held at the school some time this summer.

Ching Tang, director of Metro Village, said: “We are proud at the prospect of being the reason the field and astro turf will remain open and will in fact be re-laid, the team will of course be there at the circus family day supporting the school and their efforts and we have several exciting events planned for over the summers months in order to raise the remaining funds.

“The Metro Village team are passionate about the area in which we work and we want to help the local community and causes any way we can. It may not always be by giving funds, but if we can host events or pitch in and the team get their hands dirty we are always up for a challenge.”

To donate or host a fundraising event, please contact the school at 020 7237 2654.


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