Places open for summer ‘food and fun’ holiday programme in Southwark

Katherine Johnston (16 July, 2021)

The events run from July 26 to August 23 for families eligible for benefits-related free school meals

38390Burgess Sports partcipants learn about the enviroment and recyling during the hottest part of the day during a holiday programme in 2020

Places are now available for this summer’s ‘food and fun’ holiday programme for children in Southwark, launching later this month. 

The government’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme is targeted at those who are entitled to benefits-related free school meals and is scheduled to run from July 26 to August 23.  It is also planned to return for the Christmas holidays later this year. 

Southwark councillor Evelyn Akoto, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “The holiday clubs can involve helping young people learn new things and take part in enriching activities from sport to music, dance, drama, art, cooking and gardening, as well as improving socialisation, helping young people to have fun with friends this summer, in a safe environment.”

Andrew Forsey, Chair of the HAF Alliance said: “The importance of an enriching holiday experience for all children cannot be underestimated. There is evidence that the best HAF programmes benefit children, parents and communities by enabling children to learn new skills, socialise with friends, and enjoy nutritious food in a safe environment, while supporting their return to school and alleviating parental stress. 

“The HAF Alliance is sharing its expertise and best practice with local authorities to help them to develop and deliver excellent holiday programmes for their local communities.” 

The scheme is for children aged five to sixteen and is run in partnership with numerous local providers including Astley & Cooper TRA; Bede House; Camberwell After School Project; Millwall Community Trust; Pro Touch SA and Time & Talents and many others. 

For more information and to apply for a place visit:


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