Plan for swimming pool in Rotherhithe’s Greenland Dock gives residents that sinking feeling

News Desk (15 October, 2015)

Fears that floating pool would 'ruin peace and tranquility' of the area

5928A CGI of the floating pool

A plan to build a floating swimming pool in Greenland Dock has been slammed by Rotherhithe residents.

The controversial development, which would see the heated facility installed in the water by the Surrey Docks Watersports Centre, is currently in its consultation stage. Rotherhithe blogger and activist Andie Byrnes said that many residents objected to the project on three counts: noise, heritage and environmental impact.

She said: “Sound travels at a lunatic rate over water, so there would be a diabolical noise if this goes ahead. The swimming pool would ruin the inherent peace and tranquillity that attracts people to the area.” She also said that a swimming facility would be a break with the dock’s tradition.

She said: “The dock dates back to 1699 and has had many transformations since then, always keeping its shipping heritage. The swimming pool would change the entire character of the area.”

And Andie added that residents were worried about the environmental implications of installing a heated swimming pool in a cold body of water.

She said: “We don’t know what effect dropping a heated swimming pool will have on a cold fresh water environment. The anglers are worried about the aquatic life.”

A map showing where the pool would go if given the go-ahead

A map showing where the pool would go if given the go-ahead

Architect Designer Maker Ltd, who submitted the planning application, promised an “amazing and unique” facility.

They said: “The uniqueness of this floating swimming pool in London, and in Surrey Docks will be a fabulous addition to Southwark and a great sight within an already amazing dock.”

Andie urged residents to register their comments at the consultation page on Southwark Council’s website. Search using 15/AP/1752 at


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