Planned council office on Queen’s Road Peckham will ‘block’ family’s grand design

Katherine Johnston (11 April, 2018)

Couple designed their own 3D model to show the impact of the proposed building

21374Mr O'Shea and Ms Mukhia, and family (c) George Okello

An architect couple who created their dream home in Peckham now fear they will be overshadowed by planned new council offices.

John O’Shea and Richa Mukhia say the proposed four-storey building on Queen’s Road will also block daylight from one of their only windows and leave them with just 30 minutes of natural light a day in dark months like December.

The couple, who created their own 3D design of the building themselves to help visualise what it would look like, also fear a bike rack staff entrance being planned metres from their children’s’ bedroom will create extra noise.

The current view from the family’s home’s upper floor

They told the News: “We are extremely disappointed and feel the consultation has not been meaningful.

“After designing our dream home to all the planning requirements and maximising the use of light, we now find out that not only will we lose light during the day, we will gain artificial light at night.

“A fourteen metre high building next to a predominantly one storey house is inappropriate, with 84 cycle bays, the staff entrance and a 24-hour operational plant room located adjacent to our children’s bedroom.

“We are not against a council development on the site, but we are very much against overdevelopment and the design which is being proposed.

“A good development will result in civic pride, a bad development will result in civic shame.

“We would like to see a building that brings civic pride to the area, that has community spaces integrated, and has an accurate, well-researched design approach that takes into account the context it is in.”


The couple said the block’s architects, Wernick Buildings, were so impressed with their accurate 3D model that they requested a copy for themselves.

The News reported last week that residents claimed they had not been properly consulted on the proposed new buildings on the site of the Queen’s Road day centre.

Catrin Thomas, who lives on Queen’s Road, also said the panoramic view of her top floor flat would be blocked on two sides by the new building.

But it was only after liaising with Mr O’Shea and Ms Mukhia that she realised this would be the case.

When she raised initial concerns with the architects behind the build, she was assured in an email sent by the public relations team at EQ Communications on January 24: “We do not believe that your view will be compromised.”

View from the window, with the proposed council block, shown in pink

Southwark council has said the new building is needed as other council buildings are no longer fit for purpose.

According to the council, the building will cost £14.4 million, and allow staff from six different offices to work in the same block.

A council spokesperson said: “We are happy to speak again to anyone who has concerns and would welcome a meeting with the residents concerned.

“We have so far carried out two phases of consultation and the plans are now being carefully reconsidered in light of all the comments. We will consult on a third version in due course.

“All comments will be carefully considered before a final version of our plans is submitted in a planning application, which local people will also be able to comment on.

“There is plenty of opportunity for local people to comment on and object to aspects of the final design, through the different consultation stages and through the planning process.”


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