Planning permission given for 122 new homes in Aylesbury regeneration

News Desk (15 December, 2016)

Forty-six of the new homes will be let on social rents

10997Artist's impression of new council homes set to be built in Walworth

Another phase of the Aylesbury regeneration with 122 new homes was given the green light on December 6 by the council’s planning committee.

The new site in Thurlow Street, Walworth, will include a four-tiered block that will be four, six, seven and fifteen storeys tall.

The development will replace a row of derelict homes, a sports area and a grassy bank, located between Thurlow Street, Dawes Street, and Inville Road.

They will also be replaced with a new library, as well as a medical and early years’ centre.

Forty-six of the new homes will be let at social rent, with ten at “intermediate rent” and the rest available at market value: all maintained by Notting Hill Housing Association. The basement will also provide 23 car parking spaces and space for fourteen parking spaces along Inville Road and Dawes Street.

Thurlow Street proposed health centre plot 18

The News had been contacted by Aylesbury Street residents who feared the development would ruin the view at the end of their street and overshadow their homes.

Southwark Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and new homes, Mark Williams, called it “a positive step forward”.

He said: “The regeneration of the Aylesbury remains a priority for the council and we are forging ahead to create better quality homes, an open and attractive environment and brand new facilities for the local community to take advantage of like a new library and healthcare centre.”

Elsewhere on the Aylesbury Estate, the council is hoping to take the government to the high court, in order to secure lawful permission to evict leaseholders before demolishing the Bradenham, Chartridge, Arklow and Chiltern blocks. The court ruling could take as long as April to decide.


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