Plans submitted for health centre at site of Dulwich Hospital

News Desk (28 July, 2016)

The rest of the former hospital is set to be taken over by the Charter Educational Trust for a new secondary school

8476Dulwich hospital plans

Plans to build a new NHS health centre on the Dulwich Community Hospital site have been submitted to Southwark Council.

The two-and-three-storey block will be placed in the currently vacant south-east corner of the site, opposite Glengary Road, in East Dulwich Grove.

The development marks the first phase of the overall plans to house a new secondary and sixth-form school, run by The Charter Schools Educational Trust.

The new school, to be named The Charter School East Dulwich, will take over the other three-quarters of the nineteenth-century hospital site.

Documents within the application state that the central ‘Chateau’ building, and the western wings of the Victorian buildings will be preserved when the school moves in, while its eastern wings have already been demolished.

Among the facilities at the new health centre will be:

  • Services for people with long-term conditions, including: chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, chronic asthma and some mental health services
  • Diagnostics and out-patient services
  • Primary care children’s services with immunisations and speech and language therapy
  • Blood testing facilities, MRI scanning, ultrasounds, echo-cardiology and x-rays
  • Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy, skin and liver clinics and some eye-services

A four-week consultation for the development was held between March and April.


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