Plans unveiled to transform Old Kent Road car pound into 250 homes

Admin (27 July, 2017)

Proposal includes block up to fourteen storeys high

18212Model showed proposals for new homes near Mandela Way

The council’s former Bermondsey car pound could be turned into a housing development if plans are given the green light.

Firmdale Hotels’ plans to build housing on the disused car park off Mandela Way went on show to the public last week.

The proposals show plans for a total of 250 units – ranging from one, two, and three-bedroom flats – arranged in five blocks of varying heights.

They also include plans for a row of three-storey terraced housing – both private and affordable – designed for families.

Four of the blocks will contain private housing if plans are given the go ahead, while one will contain affordable homes.

  • ‘Block A’ will be up to four or six floors, with 28 private units and two shared amenity terraces.
  • ‘Block B’ will be eight to fifteen floors, with 82 private units and two shared amenity terraces.
  • ‘Block C’ will be three to five floors, with sixteen private units, and one shared amenity terrace.
  • ‘Block D’ will be affordable housing in a building reaching seven to fourteen floors, with 75 units, and two shared amenity terraces.
  • And ‘Block E’ will be 22 private housing units, spread over seven floors, with two shared amenity terraces.

There will be ten three-storey terraced houses, a mix of private and affordable, which will be aimed at families.

The terraced houses would have private terraces and a shared garden with the existing terraced housing in Marcia Road.

Firmdale expects to submit an application by autumn this year and, if planning permission is granted, building work is expected to take two years to complete once it begins.

Firmdale Hotels is part of a group of companies working in luxury hotel development and operate in central London and New York, and also the laundry and dry cleaning business.

Dorothy(Dot)Commie says:

Southwark Council in cahoots with private developer’s private offer Southwark can’t refuse while offer helps to buttress in-Council’s gold standard remunerations.

Paul Rogers says:

Any danger of some analysis in the context of housing crisis, property developers, creeping gentrification up the Old Kent Road and/or decimation of social housing?

Hollie D says:

You seem like you maybe interested in keeping your eye on @vitalOKR on twitter. A group challenging Southwark council to form its strategic plans responsibly to ensure good and fair growth in this part of the city.

Jon Baird says:

Thanks Hollie, done. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on VOKR. Do let me know about any actions, tactical meetings, etc

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