Plastic Free East Dulwich backs petition for tougher penalties for littering

Katherine Johnston (08 July, 2020)

More than 10,000 have signed

37549Burgess park suffered extreme littering from picnics, parties and BBQs during the first lockdown

Community group Plastic Free East Dulwich is asking everyone to help tackle the growing littering problem in Southwark’s parks with a two minute clean.

“We’ve all seen the disgusting amount of littering that has been happening during lockdown with litter in Southwark parks up 25-30% on comparable times from last year,” their latest E-newsletter explained.

“We are urging everyone to do a #2minuteclean when out and about and to encourage friends and neighbours to join you and do the same.

“Even if that means picking up three pieces of litter from your street, it all helps and the impact of your actions will go further if you talk to friends and neighbours and post about it on your social channels.”

They are also backing a petition for increased fines for littering signed by more than 10,000 people

Terry Seal says:

It is something that in the future you will look back on and feel shame. Litter and plastic are found all over the UK and even driving through the countryside you find plastic bags dumped with nappies in that are supposed to disappear into some magic bin. Parks were created to provide you with clean air and exercise, take pride in your area. We often find wrappers from the past in the fields thrown from vehicles. 1p packets of sweets on the wrapper. that shows how long they hang around. Walworth & South London was a clean area. With this virus, it is up to everyone to be extra careful. Spread the contact to the minimum and that includes anything you touch. Hand gel will not protect you totally.

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