Police attacked in Brixton while responding to ‘stab wound and gunshot’ attack

Katherine Johnston (03 June, 2021)

Victim's injuries 'may be life-changing'

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Police investigating a shooting and stabbing were rounded on by a hostile crowd in Brixton last night.

Paramedics, London’s Air Ambulance and police had been called to Moorland Road at 9.37pm on Wednesday (June 2) after reports of a man seriously injured.

The victim, said to be in his mid-20s, sustained stab wounds and gunshot injuries. Although it is believed he will survive the attack, his injuries may be ‘life changing’. 

A seventeen year-old boy was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in custody. 

In a statement issued today (Thursday June 3) the Met said while its officers were responding to the incident they were ‘approached by a large group of people and objects were thrown at them’.

No officers were seriously injured during the incident. 

Police say a crime scene remains in place, along with a police presence in the area, to reassure residents.

Anyone with information should call  101 quoting reference Cad 7951/02Jun

diana says:

They may just have to leave stabbing victims in the streets if the minority local criminal population behave like this . There is no excuse to attack the police when they are trying to help

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