Police break up illegal coronavirus gatherings in SE1

Josh Salisbury (02 November, 2020)

Police also attended illegal gatherings on Surrey Canal Road and near Herne Hill

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Police broke up three illegal gatherings in SE1 over the weekend, after a string of events flouting the coronavirus rules.

Officers say they attended eleven breaches of the Covid regulations on Saturday.

One was on the South Bank, and the other two at The Arches, and Newport Stret, SE1. 

Police were also forced to attend a gathering in the Apollo Business Centre near Surrey Canal Road, Deptford, and another illegal congregation in Ruskin Park near Herne Hill.

The Met’s Commander Ade Adelekan said: “If you think the next few days are an excuse to break the rules, think again. You will get caught, we will take action and impose the maximum sanctions.

“Not only are UMEs unsafe for many reasons but they brazenly disregard the current Covid-19 restrictions. As well as music events there were numerous gatherings which flout the rule of six.

“The majority of the public have had to make sacrifices during this time, we will not let those who think they are above the law get away with this selfish behaviour.”

Among the events police attended on Saturday outside Southwark included a rave in Poplar, which 1,000 people were at.

Seven people were arrested under the coronavirus regulations for holding or being involved in the holding of the event and will be liable for a £10,000 fixed penalty notice each.

And in another case, police were forced to issue a £10,000 fine to a person at a christening celebration in Tottenham.

“I hope the arrests and subsequent fines these individuals are likely to receive send a clear message to those who intend to flout the rules,” added Commander Adelekan.

“We are still in a pandemic and it is extremely selfish of the small minority of people to carry on without regard for the regulations.

“The restrictions are in place for an important reason, to keep everyone safe.”


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