Gomm Road entrance of Southwark Park cordoned off in police incident

Josh Salisbury (11 September, 2019)

A police officer at the cordon said police could not give details about what had occurred at this early stage

31991The Gomm Road entrance to Southwark Park has been taped off by the police

A police incident has seen the Gomm Road entrance to Southwark Park cordoned off this afternoon.

A cordon was put in place around the entrance to the park at around 3pm, but officers at the scene told the News they could not give further details about what had occurred at this early stage.

A police car and police van could be seen beside officers, while three officers with a dog could also be seen inside the park.

Residents who were attempting to cross through the entrance to their homes on the Gomm Road side of the park were told by officers to use alternative routes.

The nearby park cafe was also temporarily closed for business while officers conducted their enquiries.

This article will be updated with more details as we have them. Do you know what happened? Contact us on 020 7231 5258 or email josh@southwarknews.co.uk

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