Police officers help to deliver baby on the Walworth Road

Admin (07 September, 2015)

The mother and healthy baby boy are now happily settling in at home

5141Baby Rehoboth

Two bobbies on the beat had to roll up their sleeves and play midwife as they were called on to help a woman giving birth on the Walworth Road last week.

The expectant mother and father were on their way to hospital on Thursday evening when they realised there was no time – the baby was coming – so they pulled over.

A passerby spotted a police car nearby and went to summon help from Southwark coppers, PC Ben Harrild-Pine and PC David Moore at around 9.30pm.

The officers immediately called an ambulance and PC Harrild-Pine took control of the situation by keeping the mother  as calm as possible  while PC Moore gathered bandages and blankets.

Baby Rehoboth was successfully delivered but was unusually quiet. New father PC Harrild-Pine knew what to do and rubbed the baby’s chest until the newborn baby boy started to cry.

Mother, father and baby were then all taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service. PC Harrild-Pine and Moore went to visit them later on that evening and found that they were all doing well.

PC Harrild-Pine,  said: “Helping to deliver a baby has to be one of the best feelings. I’m pleased that David and I were able to help and that both mother and baby are fine.

“Every day, we come into work not knowing what our shift may bring – our time on duty can often be a roller-coaster of events and emotions.  We wish mother and baby lots of happiness.”

Augustine Aikore, Rehoboth’s dad, said: “Police officers came at the right time for us when we needed help. I want to say a big thank you to the police in London for everything they do and what they did for us on that day. We are really grateful.”

Proud mum and dad, Mr and Mrs Aikore

Proud mum and dad, Mr and Mrs Aikore


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