Police warn public about scam email pertaining to be from Met Police account

News Desk (24 November, 2016)

Emails contain Malware, used by criminals to spy on internet users and obtain banking details


Scotland Yard has warned the public about an email scam which has used a fake address disguised as being from the Met Police.

The emails are being spread from an address called “crime@content.met.police.uk”.

They contain an attachment, which the force has said can infect computers or mobile devices with Malware if opened.

A police spokesperson told the News: “The Metropolitan Police have been made aware of an email is in circulation pertaining to come from a Met Police email account.

“The email sender is shown as crime@content.met.police.uk – this is not a valid Metropolitan Police email address.

“The subject is shown as ‘Crime Prevention Advice’. A file called 11212527.zip is shown as attached to the email.

“Intelligence suggests that if the attachment is opened, iSpy key-logger malware is downloaded on to the host device.

“This malware can harvest information input in to the device via its keyboard. This information can then be used by criminals to commit offences such as online banking fraud.

“If you receive an email from crime@content.met.police.uk do not open any attachments and report it to Action Fraud at http://kst0001pbw/PressBureau4/Log/Action/www.actionfraud.police.uk.”

Officers in Rotherhithe have taken to Twitter to warn people of the “scam” emails.



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