Smoke in Potters Fields near City Hall ‘small rubbish fire’ say firefighters

Josh Salisbury (21 January, 2019) Environment Emergency services

Firefighters have managed to safely deal with the fire which was put out shortly before 11am

27499The Potters Fields fire was the result of a rubbish setting alight said firefighters (Image Google Maps)

Firefighters called to reports of smoke from Potters Fields, near City Hall, have said the blaze was a small rubbish fire.

Around four fire engines and 25 firefights were called to reports of smoke coming from Potters Fields shortly before 10am this morning.

The smoke was traced to a small rubbish fire “adjacent to an external wall,” said the London Fire Brigade.

The incident was stood down around an hour later shortly before 11am.

A video of the response to the fire posted on social media by Twitter user @MrRBPhotography showed multiple fire engines outside the Potters Fields entrance.

The cause of the rubbish fire is not yet known and firefighters said they were still investigating.

Fire crews from Dockhead, Whitechapel, Dowgate and Old Kent Road fire stations attended the scene.

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