Primary school children in Rotherhithe learn about 3-D printers and laser cutters at new engineering university

Kit Heren (20 November, 2021)

The pupils were enthusiastic about what they saw, and a couple even asked if they could study at the university

50157Alfred Salter primary children at TEDI-London

More than 100 children from a Rotherhithe primary school learned about engineering on a tour of a local university earlier this month.

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Alfred Salter Primary were given a tour of TEDI-London, a small specialist engineering university that only opened in September.

Upon arrival, the pupils were given a brief presentation to learn about what the term ‘engineering’ means and learned about how engineers have improved everyone’s lives. Children also shared their own thoughts on other ways in which engineering might have shaped the way that they live as well as considering current problems that future engineers may be able to help solve.

Children got to meet staff and see how machines like 3-D printers and laser cutters work. Pupils were enthusiastic about what they saw, and a couple even asked if they could study at TEDI-London in future.

Eleanor Prestage, Headteacher at Alfred Salter Primary School; “The visit to TEDI-London’s campus was a fantastic opportunity for our Year Five and Six students. As well as thoroughly enjoying their visit, speaking to the TEDI-London team and learning about the equipment on-site helped them to broaden their learning and start thinking about their futures. Many of our pupils saw the campus gradually being built during the earlier months of this year, so to be able to visit and gain a better understanding of why it is there and how it is used was particularly exciting for them.”


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