Private London Bridge hospital opens doors to cancer and cardiac patients from King’s and Guy’s and Tommies

Katherine Johnston (01 May, 2020)

'This unprecedented move allows us to deliver almost 80 per cent of what we would usually be doing despite the COVID-19 situation'

36538Teams from King's and London Bridge Hospitals having a joint briefing before a heart procedure is carried out

A partnership between the NHS and the private London Bridge Hospital has kept ‘80 per cent’ of urgent, time-critical care going despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

In March the independent health sector announced it would help ease pressure on the NHS and free up beds for Coronavirus patients by transferring high-risk patients into its own hospitals.

London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, has been working with King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital to look after patients with complex cancer care and in need of urgent cardiac surgery.

Dr Majid Kazmi,  a consultant haematologist who practices at London Bridge Hospital and is also chief of cancer services and deputy medical director Guy’s and St Thomas’, said both organisations have been able to deliver around 80 per cent of their usual work through the partnership.

“It’s working brilliantly, we’ve always had a good relationship with Guy’s and St Thomas’, in the last month this has been transformed to a whole new level,” he said.

“ At London Bridge Hospital, have a standalone cancer centre at the Guy’s cancer site, top four floors include private inpatient beds, theatres and intensive care units – now available to NHS patients who require time-critical cancer surgery in a safe environment. 

“This unprecedented move allows us to deliver almost 80 per cent of what we would usually be doing despite the COVID-19 situation. 

“Huge amount of logistical work is going on behind the scenes, but from a patient perspective we’ve made it as seamless as possible.”

To keep the hospital COVID-19 free, temperature checks are made on all staff and patients and only patients returning negative swabs will have their surgery go ahead.

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust alone has treated more than 1,000 Coronavirus patients.

London Bridge Hospital has 200 beds and ten operating theatres – all of which are now being used every day of the week by surgical teams from King’s and Guy’s trusts.


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