Public Domain Transfers to West End

Staff Reporter (08 April, 2021)

Composed entirely from the real-life words of YouTube vloggers and Instagram influencers


‘Public Domain’ is a dark, funny, verbatim musical about the internet: Those who own it; those who live in it; and YOU!

Following an acclaimed digital debut at Southwark Playhouse, this thrilling, new musical, composed entirely from the real-life words of YouTube vloggers, Instagram influencers, Facebook’s tech giants, and everyday internet users now has its live world premiere in the West End.

Photo: Michael Wharley

Written and performed by Francesca Forristal (Oddball) and Jordan Paul Clarke (Showstoppers), this blackly comic musical follows two teenage influencers; Millie (sporty spice, health guru, buddha bowls – millennial) and Z (GCSEs existential dread, swag – generation Z), as well as featuring exclusive ‘footage’ of inside Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan’s family home.

You’re gonna get their honest, true selves… with some serious bass, obvs. Authentic, right? It’s like ‘Black Mirror’ but real and set to music.

‘Public Domain’ will perform from 27 – 30 May, 2021 at the Vaudeville theatre where COVID-19 Secure guidelines for social distancing will include robust risk mitigation, hand sanitation, face coverings and track and trace, contactless tickets, temperature testing and the regular deep clean and sanitation of the theatre.

Vaudeville Theatre, 404 Strand, London, WC2R 0NH from 27th – 30th May. Times: 8pm; 3pm Matinees 29th. Admission: £35, £25 and £15. Phone: 0330 333 4814


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