Peckham-born rapper Giggs’ inspiring anti-gang lecture to local kids

News Desk (24 November, 2016)

"Follow your dreams and forget the bull s***" rapper tells youngsters

13352Rapper Giggs at Salmon Youth Centre

More than fifty teenagers attended an anti-gang event last weekend at Bermondsey’s Salmon Youth Centre.

Volunteer speakers and mentors spoke at Beyond the Endz to teach kids ways to “overcome barriers” to have a successful life, rather than turning to a life of crime.

The kids were split into four or five different groups and workshops where they discussed music, media, politics and health and wellbeing.

Peckham-born rapper Giggs made an appearance at the event to speak to the kids about “following their dreams”.

“It’s good to talk to kids and answer their questions. Tell them to follow their dreams and forget all the bull****,” he said.

Salmon Youth Centre audience for Giggs' anti-gang event

Salmon Youth Centre audience for Giggs’ anti-gang event

“I had to learn the hard way. I didn’t really have people helping. I looked up to drug dealers for survival and thought that was the way forward but there are other ways.

“There’s a lot more opportunities for the kids these days than when I was growing up. It’s important you put the work in.

“If I get through to even just one or two kids then that’s a start.”

Other speakers included Noel Williams, a consultant spoke on the importance of politics, rapper Ms Banks and media entrepreneurs Link Up TV.

Rapper Giggs, photo by Bettina Adela

Rapper Giggs, photo by Bettina Adela


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