‘Respect each other; don’t take the p**s; and then we can have a good time’ – says Bermondsey’s Old School Yard

Staff Reporter (04 March, 2021)

'We'll be closely looking at the numbers and be relieved if we can fully re-open'

42692The Old School Yard cocktail bar on Long Lane

The Old School Yard cocktail bar on Long Lane will reopen ‘when they can’, writes Simon Throssell…

The bar has a garden area and extended pavement space for customers to be able to enjoy a drink outside.

Their message from their reopening in July 2020 of “Respect each other; Don’t take the piss; and then we can have a good time” remains the same for this time round.

“It’s been a struggle I’m not going to lie,” said one of the managers but praised the council for being “very good and providing grants automatically.”

This was a very different experience to an East Dulwich hairdresser who had to wait seven weeks for a response, as reported in last week’s News.

As a small cohort of three, the team will be closely looking at the coronavirus numbers and will be ‘relieved if we get to that stage [of a full reopening]’

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