Results Day: Kingsdale student gets nine Grade 9s – two years after moving from Romania

Katherine Johnston (23 August, 2018) Education

Three of the school's students have achieved 32 Grade 9s between them


Kingsdale Foundation School student Ilinka-Maria Radulescu has achieved an incredible nine Grade 9s, two A*s and two Grade 8s in her GCSE just two years after she moved to the UK from Romania.

She is one of the school’s star performers, along with Freddie Mitchell, who achieved an ‘unbelievable record’ with eleven Grade 9s, one A** and three A*** grades.

Another student, Dylan Besson, achieved five at Grade 9, four GCSEs at Grade 8, and five As.

Together the students have achieved a breathtaking 32 Grade 9s between them.

Ilinka said: “I am overwhelmed as I didn’t expect these grades.

“I only moved to England two years ago so I wasn’t expecting such grades in essay based subjects such as English and history.

“I worked really hard and I want to thank my teachers and my parents for all the support that they gave me from the beginning of Year Ten until this moment.”


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