Results Day: Sacred Heart eyes top ranking

Katherine Johnston (23 August, 2018)

'This year’s GCSEs results have even superseded last year’s incredible results'

24563Star students Lucia Ruiz, Kristen Barrett-Ralph and Omonye Ifidon together with Head teacher Serge Cefai

Sacred Heart is hoping to top Southwark’s GCSE results league again this year.

Last year the Roman Catholic school in Camberwell came 20th in the entire country, and says it has achieved even better results this year.

Sixty-two per cent of pupils achieved a ‘strong pass’ in both English and maths, while 83 per cent of pupils achieved a standard pass in both English and maths.

Head-teacher Mr Serge Cefai said: “Last year Sacred Heart found itself in the top 20 schools in the country for the overall measure of school performance.

“Despite new specifications in most subject areas and despite the move from A*-G to 9-1, we are delighted to report that this year’s GCSEs results have even superseded last year’s incredible results.

“Congratulations to our pupils and, of course, our hard working staff, who have achieved the fantastic results that their endeavours deserve.

“We await national context but feel confident that we will once again be among the leading schools in the country.”

The school says its highest performing pupils are Lucia Ruiz, who achieved five GCSEs at grade 9, five at grade 8, and an A*, and Omonye Ifidon, who gained four grade 9s, four at grade 8, and one at grade 7, with an A* from year ten.


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