Results Day: St Michael’s Catholic College says its number of top grades has increased by a third

Katherine Johnston (24 August, 2018)

'When I told my mum she screamed'

24577Toni with her results

St Michael’s Catholic College says the number of grades 7 to 9, roughly equivalent to A and A* in the previous system, has increased by a third, with more than 30 per cent achieving the coveted grades.

The Bermondsey school says there have also been substantial increases in the percentage of students achieving every grade above grade 4.

Toni Iheonye who achieved an incredible nine grade 9’s said: “I’m proud of myself – I worked  really hard for these and I am glad that it paid off.

“When I told my mum she screamed.”

Other highly successful students were Matthew Huynh who said: “I feel really proud of myself – I am shocked at how well I have done. My Mum is delighted.”

Aalia Cabiles, who achieved the equivalent of what would have been 10 A* grades, is also delighted.

“I expected to do well but not that well,” she said.

“I have already told my parents and my sister who feel really blessed by these grades.”

The Principal Ms Corcoran  says: “Congratulations to all of our students.

“They have risen exceptionally well to the challenge of the new, harder GCSE qualifications.

“We are proud of them all.”


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