Results Day: The Charter School says 84% received standard pass or above

Katherine Johnston (23 August, 2018)

'Perseverance and commitment to excellence'

24569Credit: Tom Parkes

The Charter School has increased the percentage of students achieving a standard pass or above in their GCSEs this year to 84 per cent compared to 76 per cent in 2017.

The school says:

68 per cent gained a strong pass in both English and Maths (grade 5 to 9) – up from 61% last year
39 per cent of all grades gained this year were 7-9 or A*/A this year
36 per cent of pupils achieved five 7-9 (or A*/A) grades in their GCSEs, up from 35 per cent  in 2017
51 per cent of pupils gained the English Baccalaureate
77 per cent  of pupils gained at least one 7-9 or A*/A grade

In BTEC subjects 100 per cent of business students, 87 per cent of sports and leisure students, 62 per cent of ICT students and 54 per cent of child development students gained a level 2 or above.

Headteacher Christian Hicks said: “These fantastic results are the result of our Year 11 students’ hard work and determination over the past two years.

“We are extremely proud of all of our Year 11 students for their perseverance and commitment to excellence that has led to this success.

“Once again, in line with Ofqual advice, we are advising that these results cannot be compared directly with previous years due to the new grading system, but we are very confident that they will once again put us among the very top performing non-selective state schools in the country.

“We are also very grateful to our teachers and support staff for their contribution to these excellent results.”

Students with top marks included Vita Love, who gained eleven GCSEs with ten at grade 9 and one A*, Jessie Ross who gained nine grade 9 GCSEs and one grade 8, and Mary Nesbitt who was awarded eight grade 9 results and one A*.


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