RNLI save tourists trapped by rising tide near Tower Bridge

News Desk (28 May, 2015)

The pair had been walking along the beach at Butler's Wharf.

Two tourists were saved by the RNLI when they were trapped by the tide as they walked along the Thames near Tower Bridge.

The Polish pair had been enjoying a stroll on the beach at Butler’s Wharf last Tuesday when they found they had been cut off by the rising water.

The RNLI Tower crew were called at around 3pm and sped to the scene, where they plucked the pair from the rapidly-shrinking dry land.

Stan Todd, RNLI lifeboat helmsman, said: “When we arrived we could see the two standing on the three feet of shore that was left exposed. It would not have been long before the area they were standing on was completely covered by water.

“I think they were shocked at how fast the tide had risen and cut off their way back up to the Thames Path above. We got them on board the lifeboat, gave them lifejackets and dropped them off at Tower Pier.”

The incident sparked warnings from the RNLI about the dangers of walking along the Thames.

Steve King, of Tower lifeboat station, said: “The problem is they don’t realise how fast the water rises and it’s all too easy to get caught out.

“We would urge everyone to take extra care when spending time by the river, check tide times and always be aware of what the tide is doing around you. If you do find yourself in danger or see someone else in need of rescue, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard who will request the launch of an RNLI lifeboat.”



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