Rotherhithe nursery Playshack found outstanding by Ofsted report

News Desk (07 July, 2016)

The report said: “This inspirational manager and her deputy work tirelessly to drive forward improvement



A Rotherhithe nursery has received an ‘Outstanding’ report from Ofsted as it enters its 25th year.

Playshack Nursery on Rotherhithe Street was hailed for its “inspirational manager” and “excellent” partnership with parents.

The report said: “This inspirational manager and her deputy work tirelessly to drive forward improvement.

“Extremely well-established relationships with a multitude of other agencies help them work towards reaching the highest possible outcomes for children.

“Partnerships with parents are excellent. The staff involve parents in their children’s learning.

“For example, parents regularly accompany their children on well-planned outings to places such as the swimming pool and library.”

The nursery of fifteen children celebrates their different backgrounds and constantly seeks strong links with the local community.

Jackie Defalco, Playshack’s manager, said: “Most of our children come from the surrounding area and some come from quite far to come here. We’re very engaged with the local community and are supported by them.

“We’d like to thank St Mary’s Church, Rotherhithe, the Amicable Society, Albins and the Friends of Southwark Park. We often go on field trips and take the children swimming. We’re always out at museums and go down by the river.

All the parents come into help at some point as they’re all good at something. We had one parent come in a read a story in Russian!”


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