Rotherhithe Primary School fundraising for school party for leavers

Kit Heren (01 June, 2021)

The school has already had more than £500 in donations

26827Rotherhithe primary school

Rotherhithe Primary School is looking to raise money to hold a prom for Year 6 children to compensate for missing out on so much school time in their last year before leaving.

Teaching assistant Donna Powell said: “Due to the pandemic, our precious Year 6 children have missed out on so much during their last two years of primary school i.e. trips, residentials, production, SATs and many more things.

“So as you can see Covid-19 has taken so much away from them, even having to spend a lot of time at home, without friends. As it has also been for so many children around the world. Many of the students have had to grow up very quickly and support their families during this difficult year – they each deserve a evening of fun given the year they’ve had!”

Money will go towards decorating the hall, hiring a DJ, organising catering – and giving children a small leaving present.

The school originally wanted to raise £500 but had already got to £505 by Friday afternoon, just a few days after launching the fundraiser.

Any extra money will go towards the Year 5 children’s residential school trip next year, Donna said.

Donate to the fundraiser here: 


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