Rotherhithe primary school pupils help raise £450 for borough’s most vulnerable

Josh Salisbury (21 December, 2018)

The pupils from the Albion Primary School helped the Mayor of Southwark Common Good Trust raise £450 at an event in Surrey Quays shopping centre last Saturday

27189Pupils from the Albion Primary School alongside Mayor of Southwark Cllr Catherine Rose

Children from a Rotherhithe primary school helped to raise around £450 for charity at last weekend with a festive sing-song at Surrey Quays shopping centre on Saturday (December 15).

Pupils from the Emerald Class of Albion Primary School regaled shoppers with their singing while having a fundraising raffle for the Mayor of Southwark Common Good Trust.

The charity helps disadvantaged residents in the borough or with connections to Southwark to get items that are essential for a basic standard of living.

Sarah Mustoe, who is in her first year of fundraising for the charity, explained: “The money goes towards people who have a close link to the area and perhaps need things like a cooker or a fridge freezer, things like that.”

The charity is completely reliant on public donations – so were grateful for the Emerald Class pupils’ help in drumming up fundraising.

Headteacher Karl Bardouille said he was proud of the children’s charity efforts and their singing.

“The children were so excited to sing their songs to raise awareness for others who are in need of help,” said Mr Bardouille. “We ensure we teach the children how important it is to give back and how it is important to work in partnership with our local community.

“I was so proud to see Albion children singing with such passion and expression knowing how they were touching the people with their singing.”

He added: “At Albion we ensure there is holistic approach to education and everyone is someone.

“We help to develop our children into young leaders and give them many opportunities to excel in things they like to do.”


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