Six men charged after reports of Rotherhithe Primary School squatting

Josh Salisbury (06 March, 2020)

Six men have been charged following the squatting reports

35198Rotherhithe Primary School on Rotherhithe New Road

Police have arrested and charged six men after reports of squatting in a building adjacent to Rotherhithe Primary School.

Cops arrested six people on suspicion of criminal damage and abstracting electricity following reports of squatting on Monday evening at the day care centre by the school playground.

On Wednesday evening, six men were charged with abstracting electricity and aggravated trespass, after being arrested.

“Six men have been charged with abstracting electricity and aggravated trespass after being arrested at a school in Rotherhithe New Road yesterday evening,” said Southwark Police.

The men are due to appear at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, March 19 at 9.30am.

Christopher Fisher says:

Visited Tesco Surrey Quays 8th March and it was like Christmas Eve with people panic buying.
What is the problem with these idiots?
A woman behind me had a trolley full of pasta,rice,tinned beans,washing up liquid etc.
But to make sure she could get more than allowed her sons were at the the next cashier with exactly the same items.!!Tesco have introduced limits on some food because of the virus but some people have to be greedy and get around the system.This means other sensible shoppers will not get certain goods because of greedy members of the public.
Laws will need to be introduced because the actions of the greedy will cause some families to go without.
The way some people are acting you would think a nuclear war was imminent.!!
Get real people!!

Big Titus says:

A preview for when Brexit happens.

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