Rotherhithe Tunnel: TfL cameras leave drivers facing £130 fines in restrictions crackdown

Josh Salisbury (16 January, 2019) Transport

The agency said it has turned away an average of 600 cars from using the tunnel since the restrictions began

22554Toxic fumes have increased slightly at the tunnel but TfL says new cameras will deter drivers from breaking restrictions (Image: TfL)

TfL is to install new cameras at the Rotherhithe Tunnel to enforce restrictions introduced last year – with drivers facing fines up to £130.

The cameras, which will be installed in early February, will be checking that vehicles comply with a ban on goods vehicles weighing over two tonnes or cars higher than two metres using the tunnel.

TfL warned that the tunnel, built in 1908, was not designed to cope with modern levels of traffic – and drivers breaking the restrictions were “putting themselves and others at risk.”

The agency said it had turned away an average of 600 vehicles a day from using the tunnel since the restrictions were introduced in September.

Glynn Barton, TfL’s Director of Network Management, said: “Safety is our top priority and these restrictions are absolutely essential to ensure that people can continue to use the tunnel safely.

“People driving vehicles through the tunnel that do not meet the restrictions are putting both themselves and others at risk.”

Cars that are not allowed to use the Rotherhithe Tunnel should cross the river at Tower Bridge or the Blackwall Tunnel, added TfL.

The restrictions have proved controversial since they were introduced.

One mother told the News in September that the restrictions added “literally hours” onto journeys for a specially-adapted minibus which takes her disabled daughter to-and-from school.

However, TfL has insisted that the changes are necessary to ensure that people could use the tunnel safely.

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