John Worboys: ‘Black cab rapist’ must stay behind bars after Parole Board reverses decision

Josh Salisbury (22 November, 2018)

The Parole Board reversed its decision after a legal challenge launched by the rapist's victims

26699John Worboys

John Worboys, the Rotherhithe ‘black cab rapist’, will stay behind bars after the Parole Board yesterday overturned its decision to release him.

Worboys was given an indefinite sentence in 2009 for rape, sexual assaults and ‘administering a substance with intent’ relating to twelve women.

However police believe he may have carried out more than 100 rapes or sexual assaults in London during 2002 to 2008.

The Board has previously directed Worboys’ release in January in a move that sparked backlash among his victims and the public.

The original decision was quashed after legal proceedings and brought before the Parole Board again.

The Board considered a lengthy 1,255 page dossier detailing Worboys’ sick crimes, as well as impact statements from seven of his victims.

A Parole Board spokesman said: “We can confirm that a panel of the Parole Board gave a negative decision in the parole review of John Worboys following a paper hearing in October 2018.

The spokesperson added that Worboys will be eligible for a further review within two years, with the date being served by the Ministry of Justice.

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