Rubbish on Peckham streets is ‘out of control’

News Desk (10 September, 2015)

Residents and traders hire researcher to find out how to manage unsightly problem


Peckham traders and residents are kicking up a stink about the town centre’s “out of control” waste issue.

Huge mounds of rubbish piled outside businesses have been a common sight on Peckham’s streets for years, but a group of businesses and campaigners have now decided to make a fresh attempt to clean-up the area.

Community group Peckham Vision have teamed up with Copeland Park business centre, Rye Lane Traders Association and Southwark Council to try to tackle the putrid problem. They are hiring a researcher who will look at how the high street’s rubbish is collected and recycled and propose more effective ways to manage waste.

Elaine Carrigan, a market trader and member of the Rye Lane Traders’ Association, said: “This project is so important for the traders and residents of Peckham. Our waste issue is completely out of control at present and needs to be brought back in line. So much more will hopefully be achieved for the future of Peckham with this new project.”

Peckham rubbish


Rubbish in Peckham town centre 06

Eileen Conn, of Peckham Vision, said: “So many people in the town centre want a better way to deal with trade waste and also residents’ waste. We are also keen to help open up local recycling business opportunities. We are very pleased to have teamed up with Copeland Park and the Rye
Lane Traders Association to pool our interests and ideas.” Research will begin next month.

Anyone with ideas about how best to keep Peckham cleaner or is  interested in applying for the role of researcher should email


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