Ruskin Park paddling pool will be open all summer after fundraising success

Katherine Johnston (03 May, 2018) Environment

The pool, which was saved from closure in 2016, can now stay open for two more years

21631The new mural at Ruskin Park paddling pool

Ruskin Park paddling pool is set to open all summer after a successful fundraising campaign by Camberwell residents.

A previous campaign saved the pool from closure, in 2016, and now the group have secured a further £5,500 to keep the pool open for the next two years.

In December 2017, a new mural depicting all the different people and groups who use the park was also painted over a previously graffiti-covered wall.

Suzanne Vincent, and other fundraisers

Campaign organiser Suzanne Vincent, whose company Urban Village has donated to the campaign, told the News: “With two children of my own, I have a keen interest in keeping the pool open.

“Being a working mum with young children it is important for me to know that they have plenty of fun activities in the local area. My two are in that pool as soon as we open in late May, even if freezing, they don’t mind at all.

“During peak summer weekends, the pool is jam packed and it’s very satisfying to know that the hard work is all worthwhile. “We have managed to keep the pool open now for two full seasons and this year will be our third. The pulling together of the community is absolutely brilliant.

“Urban Village has donated almost £10,000 in the three years of fund raising, it is very special to us.”

The group said the pool should be open from May to September in both 2018 and 2019. The paddling pool is run in partnership with Lambeth Council. Funds raised pay for repainting the pool, carrying out testing, jet-washing at least once a month, and paying for other essential maintenance.

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