Rye Lane gas network upgrade set to bring more traffic jams to Peckham

Katherine Johnston (12 September, 2018)

'Traffic management will be planned accordingly'

24857Tailbacks approaching Rye Lane

More traffic disruption is coming to Peckham next year if planned gas maintenance gets underway.

The News has been informed that SGN gas is planning on upgrading its network on Rye Lane from January 2019.

Residents fear the work could span months – and bring more travel disruption to an area full of tailbacks due to temporary traffic lights in place at the junction of Rye Lane and Copeland Road from August until the end of last week.

A spokesperson for the gas distribution company confirmed it was in consultation with Southwark Council to upgrade its gas network in Rye Lane from January 2019, and would share the full details once the ‘planning process was complete’.

“We’re continuing discussions with Southwark Council about our network upgrades in Rye Lane. To minimise disruption to the local community, our project will be split into several phases.

“Traffic management will be planned accordingly for each section of work in consultation with the local authority.

“If we need to install temporary traffic lights or close roads to ensure everyone’s safety during our project, we will let local residents and businesses know in advance.

“Once we’ve finalised the planning process, we’ll be able to provide full details of our project and associated traffic management plans.”


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